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Highbrow means an intellectual, cultured person
It means constantly asking questions and finding answers.



Sincere to Dragon
Sincere to Fun

We believe that IPs that go beyond Pokémon 
will one day come to the world.
We believe that's going to be Dragon Village.

Highbrow makes games, cards, and books.
We have content creation and offline events.
Highbrow makes fun.
The slogan "Let's entertain the world with Dragon Village"
has been kept for more than 10 years, approaching authenticity.
The thought of making the world enjoyable continues. 


CEO  Brian Won

If you are sincere to the dragon?

highbrow IP

highbrow IP

Dragon Village is a continuously
growing global IP.

Launched in 2012, Dragon Village is steadily growing into a sustainable IP business such as games, books, cards, SNS, and pop-up events.




Daily Sales



Accumulated Downloads




Dragon Village Series Sales Indicators of January 2024

The global IP market is now in need of a new brand.

Dragon Village is familiar to existing fans and will be a deep IP with freshness for new users.

f Pokemon is iOS, Dragon Village is Android. It maintains key design elements and can be transformed, developed, and collaborated to suit multiple platforms, enabling various expressions. It expands the design limits that can fall into mannerism.



Makes the world Fun with

Dragon Village.



Games: The master of the collection genre games

Highbrow makes games.

develop and service various games, including the Dragon Village series.


Dragon Village Collection

The collection genre games in an outstanding system of 2D Sprite graphics

- Global service expansion in June after service launch in Korea in May 2023

- Cumulative Downloads 1 Million+ / MAU 500,000+ / D+1 Retention 60%+ / Google Review Score 4.6

- Exchange: Over 20,000 New trades every day


Wooparooo Odyssey

Expanding Dragon Village IP to Verified Wooparoo IP

- Global service scheduled after the start of service in Korea in October 2023

- Cumulative Downloads 1 million+/ DAU 100,000+/ D+1 retention 60%+

Dragon Village

Dragon Village M

Dragon Village Arena

A fundamental collection game that has created a deep fan base.

Combat, Collection games with ultimate detailed graphics

The collection game with a cute SD signature design

- Launched January 2012

- Cumulative Downloads 5 million+

- Launched in August 2017

- Cumulative Downloads 1 million+

- Launched January 2022

- Cumulative Downloads 500,000+

Energize communities and trading ecosystems
that make gaming sustainable

The Vitalization of Dragon Village's community and trading boards works by forming games and IP ecosystems.
In-game exchanges, more than 20,000 new trades are registered every day.
It has established itself as a sustainable ecosystem within in-game.

The official Dragon Village community
with about 300,000 users

Dragon Village Collection community
with over 20,000 New trades a day

Partnership: Grow together with Highbrow's development know-how.

We are working with leading Korean indie games and small and medium-sized enterprise developers in various genres, not just Dragon Village IP games. With the accumulated know-how of many publishing experiences as well as development, we provide professional processes such as scenarios, design, operation, Q&A, and marketing.




Highbrow creates books.

Accumulated sales number 1 million+

- Dragon Village Collection Encyclopedia Book

- Learning Guide Volumes 1 ~ 15

- Geographic Encyclopedia Volumes 1 ~ 9

- Selling overseas under the license agreement



Highbrow creates cards

Accumulated sales number  of 50 million+

Achieving the highest single IP sales record

- Dragon Village Collection Card vol 1 ~ 3

- Dragon Village Action Cards Vol 1 ~ 5

- Dragon Village Cards Vol 1 ~ 27



Highbrow creates fun and appreciation.

Operating SNS channel with empathetic content

- Dragon Village Official Instagram

- Dragon Village Official TikTok​

- Dragon Village Official Youtube​

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • X
  • Facebook


POP-UP Events

Highbrow creates experiences

IP expansion, experience & participation, collaboration

Took part in events such as G-Star, Character Festival, and Comic-con. Also held a Signing event and pop-up store

- Sales of limited-edition goods such as accessories and dolls raise expectations for the event


Highbrow creates sharing.


To fulfill its social responsibilities, Highbrow continues to participate in donation activities with certain profits generated from the game. We deeply appreciate the support and cooperation of all of you, and we promise to continue to contribute more to society in the future.



Highbrow's DNA is Driven Action

Be honest about the work

- Talk only about facts without being biased toward emotions.
- If you don't know, you say you don't know.
- What I did well is confidently say that I did it.

Be Quick to do it

- Do it first and then do it well. Find a way to collect problems after that.
- It's better to do it now than to do it later, and it's better than not to do it.
- Even if you hit consistently without a home run, you will win.

Be clear about the intention

- Only clear intentions are the most important in communication.
- Responsibility lies with the person who decides the intention, not the person who does it.
- If you work like a leader, you will be treated as a leader.


If you have Highbrow's DNA, 

you can raise an annual salary of 10 million won a year.

As long as you have a passionate attitude to learn, the best treatment, we will do it for you.


We are a company that can raise an annual salary of 10 million won a year.

If more than 
3 of the following questions

are eligible to you, 

apply now!

I want to raise my salary by 10 million won every year

I want to be treated fairly for my work.

I want to get a sense of accomplishment in my work.

I want to work for a company that encourages challenges that are not afraid of failure.

Regardless of your Age! or Position! I can say what’s wrong is wrong.

Feel free to work for what you want!

I want to see the cat TiTi in person.



Development position starting salary : More than 40 million won
General position starting salary :

More than 30 million won


Up to 10 million won additional increase from basic annual salary
(More than 3 years of experience)

With Dragon Village
To make the world enjoyable,

We must also have fun working!


Up to 10 million won
Career shift support fund

If you are hired, you will receive up to 10 million won from your previous annual salary(Those with more than 3 years of experience)


Increase in the starting salary of new employees

Average employee wage of 48.9 million won (Based on 2023, excluding executives position)

Development position starting salary:

More than 40 million won

General position starting salary:

More than 30 million won


200,000 won per month for lunch


Provided via food stamps app
Dinner charge provided for overtime work.


Birthday present provided

100,000 won gift card to 
a birthday employee


Free vacation system

Even on the day, you can use your 
annual day leave or half-day without worrying


Parental leave

Both the person and the spouse are provided with paid or unpaid leave in accordance with the government laws at the time of childbirth


Various in-house events

We will give you unexpected luck by holding prize events such as foundation anniversary and in-house games.


Working environment

We support and strive to achieve the best results in the best environment and show a stable and satisfactory working environment without recommended resignation over the past year


Annual salary negotiation Twice per yea

Based on personal growth and work performance
It is quickly reflected in the salary every six months.


Premium Health Check-up Benefits Worth 1 Million Won

Full support, 50% for family


Getting off work early every Friday

Every Friday, work time ends 
at 5 p.m. for self-improvement


2 million won will be paid for talent recommendations

2 million won will be paid to those 
who recommend excellent talents to grow together


Support for holiday gifts and various family events

Support for marriage congratulatory money, funeral condolences money,  and condolences goods (different in standard), etc


Support for books needed for work

Please apply to the company for books 
that help you improve your work skills


Unlimited snack offerin

An infinite cafeteria that never empties out no matter how much you use it. It's a secret that you can drink beer


Highbrow is now hiring on a large scale!


Game planning
Game analysis


Client Development
- Cocos2D
- Unity
Server Development


Dragon concept art
Character Design
Sprite Design
Background Design





Game Operation
Game QA
Customer Support


Management support